Lambert Labs is a Python-focused development agency. We employ the brightest analytical minds to tackle challenging scientific problems.

Lambert Labs is essential to our business, having taken on responsibilities across our entire tech stack. In addition to the team being a pleasure to work with, they are incredibly diligent and knowledgable, always offering insightful, astute solutions. Highly recommended.

Will Croft (Co-Founder, Caribou Data)

We employed George and the team to assist with automating parts of the unit testing for our clients at YouSoft and for internal training and they did a fantastic job – on time and within budget. Highly recommended.

Tom Mason (CEO, Yousoft)

We turned to Lambert Labs when we needed help with our data ingestion and ETL processes. Work was always completed professionally, and they helped make our data pipelines more efficient. George and his team really go above and beyond to ensure targets are met on time and I can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone.

Sam Browne (CEO, Let’s Do This)

We have been working through our first project with Lambert Labs and I have been delighted with the progress achieved. When it comes to Python and Django, Lambert Labs know their stuff. They have designed and built the data core and learner management system to our latest product, Peasyread. The system looks good and works well. I chose them because they have good processes for testing and managing the software.

David Morgan (CEO, David Morgan Education)

Lambert Labs built and maintain our automated browser testing platform. We get notified whenever there is a problem with our website/system, which puts our minds at rest. The team at Lambert Labs are easy to work with and deliver good quality code. I am happy to recommend them!

Chris Booker (CTO, Fundment)