Who are Direct Skip?

Direct Skip provides skip tracing services in the real estate industry. They maintain a database of contact information for property owners that enables their clients to make informed decisions when managing real estate investments.

The Challenge

Direct Skip wanted assistance in analysing and visualising their existing sales data to enable them to take action on previously unidentifiable patterns in their sales history. Their existing process required analysis to be performed in a spreadsheet, but they wanted their data to be queryable using SQL with the results graphically visualised.

Why Lambert Labs?

Direct Skip chose to work with Lambert Labs because of our proficiency in deploying end-to-end production workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS) according to industry best practices. In particular, our expertise with services such as Amazon Redshift were relevant to the needs of Direct Skip, as well as our experience with Business Intelligence systems.

What We Did

  • Conducted an AWS Well-Architected Review to identify elements of Direct Skip’s AWS infrastructure that would benefit from improvement or reconfiguration.
  • Worked closely with the company founder to understand the best method of data visualisation to produce actionable insights.
  • Created an Amazon Redshift cluster to house payment data for further analysis.
  • Established a data pipeline to directly integrate Stripe payment data with a Redshift data warehouse.
  • Created a dashboard using Amazon QuickSight to enable Direct Skip to gain insight into their historical sales data.

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