Who are AlphaESS USA?

AlphaESS USA specialises in green energy storage solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial use. The storage solutions take the form of large lithium-ion and lithium-iron-phosphate batteries and are often used in conjunction with renewable energy sources like solar panels to store excess electricity for later use. This can help reduce electricity bills and provide backup power in case of grid outages. 

What were their requirements?

AlphaESS USA were looking for an implementation of a call centre using Amazon Connect that could accept incoming calls from contractors and customers and pass them through to be handled by call centre agents. They also needed a system that would allow customers to record voicemail messages outside of office hours to enable agents to respond to missed calls.

Why Lambert Labs?

AlphaESS USA chose Lambert Labs because of our knowledge of AWS services and our proven record of deploying secure and scalable solutions. Our previous experience with CloudFormation meant we were able to reliably iterate and deploy an existing solution from the AWS solutions library.

What we did

  • Created a call centre using Amazon Connect with multiple phone lines that can support calls for an unlimited number of call centre agents.
  • Deployed a serverless application stack using AWS CloudFormation:
    • Live-streamed audio using Amazon Kinesis Video Streams to enable near-real time responses to customers.
    • Processed voicemail messages using AWS Lambda functions written in NodeJS.
    • Persisted metadata in Amazon DynamoDB to coordinate application functionality.
    • Stored voicemail audio in Amazon S3 and generated pre-signed URLs to share messages with authorised members of the AlphaESS team.
    • Integrated with Amazon Transcribe to automatically generate transcripts of voicemail messages.
    • Configured Amazon SNS and Amazon SES to notify call centre agents when customers who were unable to reach an agent left voicemails.

If you would like to find out more about Lambert Labs, please feel free to read about our AWS consulting services or AWS Well-Architected Framework Review services.