Yousoft recently approached us with the task of building a program which would scan their clients mobile application for bugs. As a Python development agency experienced with testing browsers using Selenium, we knew that Python is ideal for writing automated tests and, together with Selenium’s extension Appium, has the power to run tests on mobile devices.

Using these tools, we set to work developing a testing suite which can run against an Android app emulated on a Windows 10 machine. Our code was hosted on GitHub, and we used Conda to manage our Python environments. We also trained the Yousoft development team so that they could manage and maintain the testing suite on an ongoing basis. 

At Lambert Labs we always try to follow best development practices. We used CircleCI to run tests which, as a bare minimum, check the Python code for bugs and styling issues before any kind of update is made to the code base. By integrating CircleCI with GitHub, we ensured that the testing suite was always maintained to the highest standards of programming.

After 3 months of consultation with Yousoft, Lambert Labs produced a testing suite which can perform any user action desired on the app. This includes everything from registering a user, all the way through to the most niche user journeys. Thanks to this piece of software, Yousoft can rest easy that all of the critical user flows run smoothly on each new version of the app they produce, and that any bugs in these flows will be found and quickly dealt with before spreading into future production builds.

We employed George and the team to assist with automating parts of the unit testing for our clients at YouSoft and for internal training and they did a fantastic job – on time and within budget. Highly recommended. (Tom Mason, CEO, Yousoft)

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