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Lambert Labs is a software development and cloud computing company based in London, UK. We provide JavaScript development services in order to build modern websites that take advantage of the latest interactivity and user interfaces (UIs) available on today’s modern web, leading to enhanced user experiences (UX). Founded in 2017, our team of software engineers is made up of mathematicians and scientists who have converted to software development and gained a high level of JavaScript expertise as a result.

What is JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most widely used and popular languages today. From humble beginnings, it is now the dominant language on the web, running in all major browsers and serving up all kinds of user experiences, interactivity, and visualisations, from social media websites to streaming platforms to real time data analytics. As the web’s dominant client side language, it is reported that 97% of websites use it today for this purpose.

In addition, it is now also a popular server side language on the web thanks to Node.js, and its use has also extended to embedded systems, IoT, mobile, and desktop, amongst others.

JavaScript Development Frameworks

Whilst we are familliar with a variety of different frameworks, we typically use one of React, Vue.js, or Angular in our projects. This gives us the flexibility to build and maintain a range of UIs and frontends for our customers.


React is one of (if not the most) popular JavaScript frameworks. Created and maintained by Facebook, it benefits from a large open source following and a large and mature ecosystem of libraries, plugins, test frameworks, and developer tools. To learn more, read about our React development services.


Vue.js is also a popular open source framework. It has been specifically designed for the creation of single page applications and JavaScript UIs. Vue.js was created in 2013 and focuses on the view part of the view model paradigm.


Angular is a frontend framework produced and maintained by Google. It is a fully fledged framework and as such offers more features and is more opinionated than React and Vue.js. Angular is particularly suited to developing complex enterprise-grade apps used by large companies.

JavaScript Development Services

Single page applications

We are skilled and experienced in both developing from scratch and maintaining and improving existing single page applications.

Regardless of the library or framework the app is written in, we implement industry best practices in regards to:

  • Updating 3rd party packages: to ensure we are no longer using deprecated or unsupported packages.
  • Using modern flavours of JavaScript, e.g. ES6+
  • Security scanning of third party dependencies via well known tools such as npm audit
  • Linting and formatting of code using Prettier, ESLint
  • Catching build errors early on in the development life cycle using precommit hooks, e.g. Husky
  • Automating builds, tests, and deployments via CI/CD pipelines
  • Using modern best in-class development toolchains, e.g Webpack

In terms of aesthetics and styling of interfaces for an app or website, we typically use a framework such as Bootstrap, Material UI, Tailwind, etc.

Embedded JavaScript

Sometimes clients have an existing site or app that they wish to embellish with a particular UI feature, e.g. increased interactivity, data visualisation, animation, etc. In these cases we write custom components in either React or Vue.js and embed these into an existing page.

This approach allows advanced client-side UX features to be developed using a modern library without having to rewrite the entire codebase or modify large parts of it.

Automated Testing and Browser Automation

We are familiar with tools such as Cypress and Puppeteer which allow programmatic replication of user actions inside a web browser, e.g. user logs in, user signs up, user navigates to the “Contact Us” page, etc. This enables the creation of robust automated testing suites so that code changes and new features do not break existing functionality.

This technique can also be applied in other situations where it is advantageous to perform browser automation.

Deploying JavaScript Single Page Applications

We are proficient in both serving up JavaScript single page applications via a containerised web server, e.g. Nginx running on a virtual machine in the cloud, or via a storage bucket in a cloud storage service, e.g. AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage.

In both cases, we configure uptime checks. When the application is running on a virtual machine in the cloud, we also configure logging, monitoring, and alerting.

Our Way of Working

When providing JavaScript software development services we try to be as flexible as possible to suit our clients’ needs. This means that we sometimes operate in a JavaScript software consultancy role, providing adhoc support as and when required, but in other cases we offer team augmentation and dedicated teams to provide JavaScript software development services on an ongoing basis.

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