As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Lambert Labs provides AWS consulting services across a wide spectrum of AWS services. We provide the service expertise needed in order for our clients to innovate and scale.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, what value do we add to our clients?

Lambert Labs currently manages more than 15 AWS accounts for clients across a broad range of industries. Our software engineers and cloud computing consultants hold a variety of AWS accreditations and certifications and can offer you the expertise you need to improve your performance and efficiency using AWS.

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Our AWS Consulting Services

Application Management

We are experts at deploying and managing software applications using AWS. Our services include:

  • Using AWS Elastic Beanstalk to deploy web/API applications. AWS Elastic Beanstalk allows us to configure scalable and secure web applications/APIs with logging, monitoring and load-balancing. Elastic Beanstalk has pre-built environments for deploying Python, Java, PHP and NodeJS applications, but our preference is to use Docker.
  • Configuring pubsub microservice architectures via Amazon Elastic Container Service, AWS Lambda and AWS Simple Queue Service.

Database Migration and Management

We are skilled at setting up and managing both relational and non-relational databases on AWS across Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon DocumentDB. Our services include:

  • Securely migrating databases to AWS without incurring downtime.
  • Configuring regular, reliable backups.
  • Choosing the correct services to ensure reliability, availability and serviceability.
  • Custom database development, including database schema design.

Infrastructure as Code

We use AWS CloudFormation to create and manage cloud computing infrastructure via version controlled templates.

AWS Cost Optimisation

Managing costs for cloud computing services on AWS is a lot more difficult that it sounds. We have a wealth of experience in identifying cost reduction opportunities on AWS and often manage to reduce clients’ AWS monthly spends when we first start working with them.