Who are Lawyers on Demand?

Lawyers on Demand provides flexible legal solutions to a diverse range of organisations across the public and private sectors. It uses a freelance model to provide a variety of services including managed services, secondments, legal operations and technology.

The Challenge

Lawyers on Demand wanted to make improvements to its website in order to drive an increase in the number of potential clients getting in touch to acquire legal expertise.

Why Lambert Labs?

Lawyers on Demand chose to work with Lambert Labs because of our expertise with Python, Django, Wagtail, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes and Azure.

What We Did

  • Worked closely with the Chief Information Officer and Head of Software Development to ensure the security and robustness of the website.
  • Worked closely with the Commercial Director and Marketing Team to translate marketing requirements into technical requirements for the website.
  • Made continuous improvements to the Wagtail administration panel to enable the Marketing Team to produce more customised content at speed.
  • Added the ability for the Marketing Team to embed Vimeo videos, HubSpot forms and podcasts into the website.
  • Improved the Meet the Team page so that consumers of the website can now easily find team members based upon their location or job function.
  • Improved a continuous integration pipeline on Azure DevOps so that it now includes linting of Python, TypeScript and CSS.
  • Improved a continuous deployment pipeline on Azure DevOps so that it now includes builds of JavaScript and CSS bundes.
  • Managed tens of website feature releases through a multi-region continuous deployment pipeline using Azure DevOps, Azure Front Door and Kubernetes.


  • The website conversion rate has increased significantly.
  • The Marketing Team is now able to produce more customised content via the Wagtail administration panel.
  • New website features can be deployed through the continuous integration and deployment pipelines more quickly and reliably.