Fundment approached us with a quality assurance project to tackle. They wanted automated browser testing for their site so they could develop and improve their product, safe in the knowledge that any bugs would not find their way into production.

To tackle this task we used a selection of tools to build a testing suite that could be used to rigorously test the functionality of the site. Pytest and Selenium were used to replicate a user interacting with the application, doing everything from completing the sign up process to making a bank transfer.

Being able to test the functionality of the site via an automated browser session is powerful, but when you combine it with a tool such as BrowserStack it really comes into its own. Browserstack allowed us to undertake cross-OS and cross-browser testing, meaning that the team at Fundment could be confident that their site was working as expected, regardless of whether the customer was using Internet Explorer on Windows 7 or Firefox on MacOS.

These tests are now running on a remote server every night, taking several hours to complete due to their sheer scope. When completed they provide a custom health-check report via email, meaning the development team at Fundment can rest easy knowing their site is being tested to the most rigorous of standards.