Lambert Labs – a Python Software Development Company

Lambert Labs is a Python software development company based in London, UK. We provide Python software development services in order to build websites, applications and systems for clients across a wide range of industries. Founded in 2017, our team of software engineers is made up of mathematicians and scientists who have converted to Python software development.

What is Python

At the time of writing, Python is the fastest growing programming language globally. It’s readability and wide range of use cases makes it an ideal programming language of choice for a wide range of software solutions including websites, APIs, desktop applications and automated testing.

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Python Software Development Services

Custom Software Development with Python

At Lambert Labs we are experienced in using Python to build reliable, secure and scalable apps and microservices.

Python Web Development

We are experts in both Django and Flask and are comfortable in using either to build your custom website or system.

Python Application Maintenance

We are happy to inherit an existing Python application or website and work to maintain and improve it moving forwards. When we first inherit an application we first carry out remediation work to ensure that it adheres to our high standards. This can include:

  • Upgrading 3rd party packages: to ensure we are no longer using deprecated/unsupported packages.
  • Upgrading programming language versions: to ensure we are no longer using deprecated/unsupported versions of programming languages.
  • Security scanning packages, files, docker images and any other assets: this helps to check that there aren’t unnecessary security vulnerabilities.
  • Building continuous integration and deployment pipelines: this helps our engineering teams work more quickly and rigorously.
  • Linting/formatting code and writing unit/integrations/automated tests: a healthy codebase reduces the frequency of bugs creeping into production systems.

Hosting Python Applications and Websites

We manage the hosting of a range of Python applications and websites for our clients via AWS, GCP or Azure. We are happy to host any Django, Flask, FastAPI or custom Python application or website. Our services include:

  • Uptime checks: testing that our clients applications and websites are ‘up’ at regular scheduled intervals.
  • Monitoring and alerting: configuring dashboards and notifications so that we can monitor application and website health.
  • Logging: managing application/website logs.
  • Security audits: auditing the security of your website or application and improving security on an ongoing basis.

Automated Testing with Python

At Lambert Labs we use Python to build and maintain automated testing suites using pytest and Selenium. These test suites are used to ensure that our clients’ websites work correctly across different browsers, different browser versions, different devices and different operating systems. We also build automated testing suites to test mobile apps on iOS and Android.

The automated testing suites can be configured in different ways. The suites can run on a schedule (eg daily against a staging website) or in build/deployment pipelines, so that code can’t be merged/deployed unless the automated tests all pass. The test suites can also report results via a dashboard or via notifications (email, text message or similar).

Python Software Development Frameworks

As part of our Python software development we use a variety of frameworks to build custom software solutions for our clients, including Django, Flask and FastAPI.


Django is a well-maintained Python web framework used by some of the biggest and busiest websites on the internet. It is fast, secure and scalable, and encourages quick, clean and robust web development. To learn more, read about our Django development services.

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Flask is a lightweight web framework written in Python. It is designed to make getting started building an application very quick and easy, but can also be extended to build more complex applications. To find out more, check out our Flask development services page.

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FastAPI is a fast Python software development framework for building APIs. It is built on top of standard Python type hints. Some key features include:

  • Speed: it is has very, very fast performance
  • Quick to develop: it’s intuitive architecture and seamless integration with pydantic makes it easy to develop new API endpoints quickly.
  • Ease of use: the FastAPI documentation is easy to digest for developers of all levels of experience
  • Compatibility: it is compatible with both OpenAPI and JSON Schema

To understand more about our FastAPI services, visit our FastAPI development page.


The popularity of Python as a programming language means that there are thoroughly tested SDKs purpose-built for interacting with almost every database provider on the market. Whatever the database solution, whether it be a SQL or No-SQL database, running locally or a cloud-native provider, there will be a Pythonic way of accessing and manipulating it.

To find out more about our database expertise, visit out Database management services page.

Our Python Development Standards

At Lambert Labs we take huge pride in adhering to Python best practices when providing Python software development services to our clients. This includes:

  • Code linting: enforcing code linting via git commit hooks and in continuous integration pipelines
  • Code formatting: enforcing code formatting via git commit hooks and in continuous integration pipelines
  • Testing: we write unit tests, integration tests and automated browser tests to ensure that bugs do not creep into production environments. We also test websites and applications manually.
  • Tooling: we use the latest and greatest software development tools.
  • Peer/code review: all code goes through a strict review process before being merged/deployed. This ensures code quality and readability.
  • Continuous integration and deployment: we use CI/CD widely!

Our Way of Working

When providing services as a Python software development company we try to be as flexible as possible to suit our clients’ needs. This means that we sometimes operate in a Python software consultancy role, providing adhoc support as and when required, but in other cases we offer team augmentation and dedicated teams to provide Python software development services on an ongoing basis.

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