Python Software Development at Lambert Labs

Lambert Labs is a Python software development company based in London, UK. We build websites, applications and systems for clients across a wide range of industries using Python. Founded in 2017, our team of software engineers is made up of mathematicians and scientists who have converted to Python software development.

What is Python

At the time of writing, Python is the fastest growing programming language globally. It’s readability and wide range of uses cases makes it an ideal programming language of choice for a wide range of software solutions including websites, APIs, desktop applications and automated testing.

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Python Software Development Frameworks

As part of our Python software development we use a variety of frameworks to build custom software solutions for our clients, including Django, Flask and FastAPI.


Django is a well-maintained Python web framework used by some of the biggest and busiest websites on the internet. It is fast, secure and scalable, and encourages quick, clean and robust web development.


Flask is a lightweight web framework written in Python. It is designed to make getting started building an application very quick and easy, but can also be extended to build more complex applications.


FastAPI is a fast Python software development framework for building APIs. It is built on top of standard Python type hints. Some key features include:

  • Speed: it is has very, very fast performance
  • Quick to develop: it’s intuitive architecture and seamless integration with pydantic makes it easy to develop new API endpoints quickly.
  • Ease of use: the FastAPI documentation is easy to digest for developers of all levels of experience
  • Compatibility: it is compatible with both OpenAPI and JSON Schema

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