Who are Caribou Data?

Caribou Data provides insights into how consumers in emerging markets interact with digital products and services on a day-to-day basis. The business is built upon a core principle of handling data ethically; one of Caribou Data’s key tenets is protecting user privacy and anonymity.

Why Lambert Labs?

Caribou Data came to Lambert Labs because of our experience and expertise in a number of areas: writing robust, production-quality application code in Python; strong knowledge and familiarity with the Python ecosystem; deploying web apps to the cloud; extraction, manipulation, and analysis of data.

Further, as a software development agency taking pride in our work, we ensure clients’ projects are setup and managed using processes enabling scalability in terms of the number of developers working on a project and agility in terms of changing business requirements and industry trends. Notably, we achieve the latter by deploying code iteratively and frequently using automated tools, including continuous integration and continuous delivery/deployment (CI/CD).

What we did – technical implementation

What we did – non-technical implementation

  • Project management:
    • Participated in daily standups.
    • Participated in weekly sprint planning meetings and organised task management using Jira.
    • Used Slack for team communication.
    • Wrote documentation using Github wiki and draw.io.
  • Code quality
    • Initiated and implemented code linting.
    • Unit testing.
    • Code review process.
    • Setup a git-deployment strategy, using develop/master branches for staging/production environments.

Lambert Labs is essential to our business, having taken on responsibilities across our entire tech stack. In addition to the team being a pleasure to work with, they are incredibly diligent and knowledgable, always offering insightful, astute solutions. Highly recommended. (Will Croft, Co-Founder, Caribou Data)

As as AWS Select Partner, Lambert Labs offers expert AWS Consulting Services. Deploying Django to the cloud allows us to create robust, scalable applications fast.