Who are Caribou Data?

Caribou Data provides insights into how consumers in emerging markets interact with digital products and services on a day-to-day basis. The business is built upon a core principle of handling data ethically; one of Caribou Data’s key tenets is protecting user privacy and anonymity.

Why Lambert Labs?

Caribou Data wanted to move from an EC2-centric infrastructure stack to making more use of the full suite of AWS services. They came to Lambert Labs because of our experience and expertise with AWS DevOps: using building CI/CD pipelines, templating infrastructure to create repeatable deployment patterns via infrastructure as code (IaaC) and automating the deployment of secure applications that scale reliably.

What we did – technical implementation

  • Migrated an EC2-centric application to make use of the more rounded stack of AWS services.
  • Created a DevOps culture in order to increase Caribou Data’s ability to release applications more regularly and at high speed.
  • Instilled security best practices as part of a gradual move towards DevSecOps.
  • Configured CI/CD for several different microservices using CircleCI.
  • Deployed three HTTPS-enabled Django apps to the web using AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Elastic Container Registry, and PostgreSQL AWS Relational Database Service.
  • Created and deployed Python packages to the cloud using Github.
  • Added API functionality to Django web apps via configuration of the Django Rest Framework.
  • Extraction, transformation, and loading of data (ETL):
    • Created an event-driven ETL pipeline using AWS Lambda (in conjunction with Serverless), including data quality and pre-processing.
    • Created ETL jobs using PySpark on AWS Glue.
    • Integrated the pipeline with AWS S3 and Redshift.

What we did – non-technical implementation

  • Project management:
    • Participated in daily standups.
    • Participated in weekly sprint planning meetings and organised task management using Jira.
    • Used Slack for team communication.
    • Wrote documentation using Github wiki and draw.io.
  • Code quality
    • Initiated and implemented code linting.
    • Unit testing.
    • Code review process.
    • Setup a git-deployment strategy, using develop/master branches for staging/production environments.

Lambert Labs is essential to our business, having taken on responsibilities across our entire tech stack. In addition to the team being a pleasure to work with, they are incredibly diligent and knowledgable, always offering insightful, astute solutions. Highly recommended. (Will Croft, Co-Founder, Caribou Data)

As as AWS Select Partner, Lambert Labs offers expert AWS Consulting Services. Deploying Django to the cloud allows us to create robust, scalable applications fast.