Who are Wag & Company?

Wag & Company is a charitable organisation dedicated to ending loneliness among elderly individuals in the northeast of England. They organise visits by volunteers and their dogs, providing companionship to older dog enthusiasts in their own homes and in care facilities. With a volunteer base of over 300 individuals, over 1500 older people in the northeast are currently benefitting from their services.

What were their requirements?

Wag & Company’s first priority was to address a range of longstanding issues in their codebase, as these had been a source of instability in their application. Once their application was stabilised, they also required assistance to enhance the overall architecture of their system. They required enhancements to their system to make it more cost-effective and reliable, mitigating future disruptions while minimising their monthly spend.

Why Lambert Labs?

Lambert Labs were chosen for our experience in developing and maintaining Python applications, particularly using the Django web framework. In addition, we had the expertise required to modernise Wag & Company’s AWS infrastructure.

What we did

  • We worked closely with the CEO to determine the priorities for the project on an ongoing basis.
  • Addressed the issues within their Python codebase – we identified and resolved a variety of bugs, improving the stability of the application.
  • To raise awareness for an upcoming fundraising event, we addressed website issues to ensure that volunteers had access to the information they required.
  • We created a Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline to verify the integrity of and deploy their system. This CI/CD pipeline now automates the process of testing and deploying code changes, increasing the speed and reliability of their development cycle.
  • With a focus on enhancing long-term performance and scalability, we redesigned their system architecture, resulting in a more cost-effective and dependable system. This involved migrating their system away from the inflexible Lightsail service to a set of more scalable services including Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS).

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