Today, the Cloud and DevOps are the key driving forces and building blocks behind many companies’ technology infrastructure.

Enforcd (a RegTech startup with a global intelligence platform for financial services firms) tasked us with migrating some of their existing services to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to move from physical hardware-based computing / networking resources to virtual resources in the Cloud.

Lambert Labs set up a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to replicate Enforcd’s existing infrastructure (which made use of subnets, multiple IPv4 / IPv6 addresses, and LXC containers). Given Lambert Labs’ familiarity and expertise with AWS, we were able to accomplish the task in a timely fashion with minimum fuss.

Post-migration, these services can now harness the power, security, and flexibility of a leading cloud provider, as well as lend themselves easily to integration with DevOps methodologies in the future.

Enforcd also reached out to Lambert Labs for technology consultancy when they were in the process of being sold. Lambert Labs advised on technical aspects of the sale, including:

  • Compiling technology architecture summaries for prospective buyers.
  • Managing AWS IAM permissions throughout the sales process and at the point of sale.

As AWS Select Partners, Lambert Labs offer expert AWS consulting services.

Enforcd were sold to Waymark Tech.