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Lambert Labs is a FastAPI development company offering development services to build web applications for our clients. Building a complex and scalable API requires a depth of experience and technical expertise. This is where Lambert Labs can help – with our team of skilled and experienced engineers, we are able to deliver sophisticated APIs without compromising on performance. Thanks to the impressive performance of FastAPI, our developers are able to produce web APIs that deliver on speed while keeping infrastructure costs low. We are enthusiastic to offer our services as Python developers to produce technical solutions for your business, whether it is an API or a website backend.

What is FastAPI?

FastAPI is a modern, high-performance, web framework for building APIs, using type hints introduced in Python 3.5 to improve data validation and API documentation. FastAPI consistently ranks in the top 10 fastest Python frameworks, ahead of mainstream competitors such as Django and Flask. Despite being quite a young web framework in comparison to others, FastAPI is increasingly being adopted for web development due to its impressive performance, robust data validation and quick development time. Lambert Labs is excited to be one of the first FastAPI development companies to professionally offer services using the framework.

We offer FastAPI development services
  • High performance: FastAPI is one of the fastest Python web frameworks thanks to the underlying Starlette ASGI framework.
  • Accelerated development: Robust data validation using Pydantic helps reduce developer time spent on fixing bugs. This leaves more time to work on the features that are important for your project.
  • Documented: Using Python type hints, FastAPI automatically generates its own documentation. As a result, all parts of the API are well understood by both developers and users.
  • Standardised: FastAPI fully complies with public API standards such as OpenAPI and JSON Schema.


FastAPI is a relatively young web framework, but is gaining attention for its fast iteration time and scalability. Increasingly, it is being adopted by engineers at top tech companies such as Microsoft, Uber, and Netflix. See what some of them have to say about FastAPI:

“[…] I’m using FastAPI a ton these days. […] I’m actually planning to use it for all of my team’s ML services at Microsoft. Some of them are getting integrated into the core Windows product and some Office products.” Kabir Khan, Microsoft

We adopted the FastAPI library to spawn a REST server that can be queried to obtain predictions. [for Ludwig]”Piero Molino, Yaroslav Dudin, and Sai Sumanth Miryala, Uber

Using a great framework can lead to a much better final product. However, you need the right expertise to fully leverage any piece of technology. Lambert Labs can provide access to the collective skill of a team of experienced Python developers. We are happy to offer our services as a FastAPI development company.

Our FastAPI Development Services

  1. Flexible – Using FastAPI we can deliver any kind of product you desire.
  2. Fast Delivery – Python’s intuitive design and strong ecosystem of libraries allow us to deliver products to market quickly and efficiently.
  3. Scalable – We can deliver a scalable product that is easy to maintain thanks to the succinct interface and robust internals of FastAPI.
  4. Performant – FastAPI ranks among the best Python frameworks for speed, improving the performance of your product and reducing infrastructure costs.

FastAPI for Websites

The intuitive and efficient design of FastAPI makes it an ideal choice to create the backend for a website. However, the benefits also extend to the frontend. FastAPI automatically generates an OpenAPI schema, which can be used to generate a client library automatically automatically for frontend frameworks such as React and Angular. This can greatly reduce the number of bugs and accelerate development speed for the frontend team. As a FastAPI development company, Lambert Labs is available to build a backend for your website using FastAPI.

FastAPI for Web APIs

FastAPI does not have to be connected directly to a website frontend to form part of a larger web application. Instead, it can be used to build a web API that can interact with other services in your application to contribute to your system as a whole. If you need a web API build to integrate into your new or existing application, then Lambert Labs is happy to offer its services as a FastAPI development company.

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Our Team

We have a team of experienced Python developers who are eager to work with you to make your ideas come to life. Many of them have prior experience working with FastAPI to build web applications. Meet the Team to see some of the developers you could be working with if you choose to build your FastAPI app with Lambert Labs.

Our Work as a FastAPI Development Company

We are a trusted FastAPI development company that has been chosen by multiple companies across industries. We have an extensive portfolio of past clients thanks to our commitment to go beyond our clients’ expectations. Consequently, we have a great deal of experience to draw on to help build your product. Have a look at some of the companies we have worked with before to create FastAPI applications:

Fundment Lambert Labs


Fundment is an investment platform for financial advisers and their clients. We provided them with a web API built using FastAPI and SQLAlchemy to serve as the backend for their website. We were able to produce an efficient and scalable solution. In addition, we have also provided them with quality assurance and automated testing services.

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