React Development at Lambert Labs

Lambert Labs offers React development services as part of its full stack web development expertise. Part of our frontend skillset, our React development services have seen us partner with a variety of companies, small and large. In doing so, we have created rich, dynamic user interfaces (UIs) for a large number of users.

What is React?

Created by Facebook and released publicly in 2013, React is today one of the most widely used frontend web libraries. It powers popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, AirBnB, Paypal, BBC, and CNN. As a result, React development services are in demand!

React logo, React development services at Lambert Labs

It is also used to develop mobile apps via its mobile equivalent, React Native. To this day, it remains open source with a thriving community and a large, diverse ecosystem, and continues to enjoy the backing of a technology giant in Facebook.

Our React Development Services

We are able to offer our clients a tailored service, and are equally comfortable inheriting an existing React app or creating a new React app from scratch using wireframes, storyboards, etc. To date, our React development services have seen us implement numerous features and improvements to our clients’ products.

We are also comfortable adding interactivity, visualisation, etc. to specific pages on a site by augmenting existing code (whatever language or framework it may be written in) with individual React components.

Below are some of the technologies, tools, and methodologies we use as a React development company:

  • TypeScript
  • Modern JavaScript (ES6+)
  • React UI frameworks, e.g. Material UI and Bootstrap, which ensure apps have a sleek and professional feel featuring all of the standard interfaces and widgets available on the modern web
  • React state management libraries, e.g. Redux

Our React development services also include and are characterised by:

  • Charting and graphing libraries, e.g. D3
  • Strong separation of concerns, e.g. between presentational vs data-driven components via tools such as Storybook, allowing frontend developers and designers to work effectively together
  • Styled Components library to incorporate custom CSS into React components
  • Up to date frontend build and local development tools, e.g. Webpack, yarn, npm, Docker, Docker Compose
  • End to end testing via Puppeteer and unit testing via Jest
  • Automated static code analysis tools (ESLint, Prettier, Husky, precommit hooks, etc.) to ensure codebases are formatted consistently and use correct syntax
  • All of the above integrated into CI/CD pipeline

Find out more about React Development Services at Lambert Labs – Meet the Team

We have several React developers well versed in producing modern, responsive UIs on the web. Our developers are eager to work with you and make your ideas come to life. Meet the Team to see some of the developers you could be working with if you choose to partner with Lambert Labs and use our React development services.