Why does DevOps matter?

Lambert Labs has adopted and embraced DevOps principles, practices and tools from day one since inception. Our DevOps experts ensure your technology and processes follow DevOps best practices, allowing your business to:

  • Reduce time to market when developing new products
  • Respond more quickly and with more agility to new industry trends and opportunties
  • Quickly expand geographical footprint by provisioning new infrastructure to different parts of the world
  • Optimise costs by keeping computing and storage costs elastic (see our Bongos Bingo case study for how we implemented this for an events and ticketing system)

Our partnership with AWS

As an established AWS Partner tightly integrated into AWS ecosystems and frameworks, we ensure our customers have access to the latest best in-class DevOps methodologies offered by AWS. By keeping up to date with the latest philosophies, we keep our customers ahead of the curve and in the know when it comes to the latest AWS tools, services, features and support.

AWS DevOps practices

Infrastructure as code

We use AWS CloudFormation templates to automatically provision infrastructure in a reliable and repeatable manner. This means infrastructure can be rapidly deployed, modified, decommissioned and relocated. Further, as CloudFormation templates are not limited to any particular group of AWS services, our CloudFormation expertise can be applied to whichever AWS services are used by your business.

Continuous Integration

We use AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodeCommit to automate builds and testing of software. This allows developers quicker feedback of flaws in the software. It also means all codebases meet a set of minimum requirements, e.g. passing test suites, respecting code formatting conventions. This ensures code is standardised across the business and developers are accustomed to the same way of working making collaboration and maintenance easier.

Continuous Delivery

We use AWS CodeDeploy to deploy to test and production environments automatically which means code can be deployed at a click of a button. This allows for regular, frequent and incremental changes allowing for faster bug fixes and feature releases. Combined with Continuous Integration, this enables the creation of a powerful and robust software delivery pipeline. This is a key tenet of cloud native startups who wish to develop and iterate at speed, like Caribou Data.

Monitoring and logging

We use AWS CloudWatch together with AWS X-Ray to monitor performance and check application and system health. By defining thresholds and creating alerts, the relevant individuals in your organisation receive real time notifications via appropriate channels. This is achieved by using AWS SNS and AWS Lambda to integrate with other AWS services. Benchmark analysis of key system metrics can be carried out allowing identification of bottlenecks and areas for improvement.


As well as combining Development and Operations, nowadays a common approach is to incorporate Security into DevOps practice. At Lambert Labs we follow the DevSecOps philosophy. For example, for Earwig Academic we went to great lengths to change the mindset of the business’s approach to technology, leading to a much improved security posture.