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Lambert Labs is an award-winning software and database management company based in London, UK. Here at Lambert Labs we are database experts. From SQL to No-SQL, cloud-native to traditional, we use all kinds of databases day in – day out. We provide professional database management services for existing database solutions ensuring your business-critical applications stay running. For new and evolving needs, we offer bespoke database development services backed up by years of professional experience. Ensure your database needs are met by choosing an expert database management company in Lambert Labs.

Our Practices as a Database Management Company


The security of a production database is paramount. Here at Lambert Labs we always follow security best-practices so that your database is impenetrable to malicious actors.


A fast performing database is essential to a fast performing site. Our experience in providing expert database management services means that we now how to get the maximum performance from a database.


Here at Lambert Labs we build database solutions that scale. This means that as your business grows your database will grow with it, and you won’t be caught in a position where you tech-stack can longer keep up with your expanding business.

Highly Available

We deploy our databases to be highly available. This means that we replicate the database, often in different regions. This means that even if a whole server centre were to go down, your site would still run uninterrupted.

Scheduled Automated Backups

Our experience providing database management services means that we know the importance of backups. Losing production data can be catastrophic to a business, which is why we always ensure that we automate a frequent, regular schedule of backing up the whole database.

Resilient and Reliable

Nobody wants to lose access to their site due to a database going down. By utilising back-up replicas and uptime checks, we can see if one of your databases goes down, and quickly switch over to a working replica ensuring no downtime.

Templated Deployments

We store the requirements of your database configuration as code. That means if anything were to go wrong we can quickly redeploy the entire cluster as part of an automated process.

Separate Production and Staging Environments

As part of our database development services, we provision separated staging and production servers. This means that all changes can be tested on a staging version of the site first, that has no chance of affecting the production servers. This leads to fewer bugs and less downtime in your production site.

Following these best practices means that we can provide industry-leading database management services.

Our Database Management Services

Part of our expertise is in providing management of existing databases. Whether that be the migration of a database to a new platform, or improving the resilience, reliability and availability of an existing database, we use industry-leading practices to ensure our clients goals are met and exceeded.

Our Database Development Services

When choosing a database for a project, there are a myriad of different choices to be made. Every project is unique and our experience in provisioning and maintaining production database solutions allows us to design and architect the best solution for each project’s individual needs.

Relational vs Non-Relational Databases

The major divide in database offerings is between relational and non-relational databases. This is also often described as SQL vs NoSQL.

Here at Lambert Labs we love both relational and non-relational databases. Both are extremely powerful but they have different strengths and weaknesses and work best in different applications.

Some of our favourite relational databases to work with are PostgreSQL and MySQL. Relational databases are structured and enforce strict constraints between relationships in the data. This helps to ensure data integrity and makes relational databases excellent for transactional applications.

To an equal degree, we also love working with various different non-relational databases, with MongoDB being one or our favourites. Non-relational or No-SQL databases do not enforce structure to the data. This gives them an added flexibility over SQL databases, and makes them ideal for rapidly evolving applications.

If you already have a SQL or No-SQL database, or if you require consultancy on which database solution is best for your business needs, Lambert Labs’ position as an experienced database management company can provide you expert support and consultancy.

Fully Managed and Cloud-native Database Solutions

Lambert Labs are cloud computing specialists, and many of our staff are certified by Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. We are also AWS Select Consulting Partners having been recognised for our ability to build high-grade cloud solutions in AWS.

AWS Select Consulting Partner - Database Management Services and Deployment

It is possible to utilise fully managed database solutions in the cloud. This means that you don’t have to worry about provisioning and maintaining the servers for your desired database solution, as that is handled for you by the cloud provider. This often results in a more reliable database solution. It also makes it much easier to create automated database backups and deploy a resilient and highly-available database stack.

There are many different fully managed solutions, including Amazon RDS, Google CloudSQL and Azure SQL Database for relational database solutions, and Google Datastore, Azure Comos DB and Amazon DocumentDB for NoSQL databases. Whatever your preferred provider, Lambert Labs can find a cloud database solution for you.

In particular, as part of our database management services, Lambert Labs offers expert Amazon RDS consultancy.

There are also cloud-native databases. These databases are often serverless and offer in excess of 99.99% availability agreements. These solutions are built to scale globally and offer unparalleled worldwide performance. Relational offerings include Google Cloud Spanner and Amazon Aurora while non-relational options include Google Firestore and Amazon DynamoDB.

If you are building in the cloud, our experience with all of the major cloud providers and our expert database development services will find the best solution for you, whatever your needs.

Our Work as a Database Management and Development Company

Boost - Database Development Services


Boost delivers stock to stores and other small businesses across Africa. The app is driven by a PostgreSQL RDS database in the AWS cloud, which Lambert Labs helped to create and maintain. Lambert Labs also maintain a replica for business analytics using RDS Read Replicas.

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David Morgan Education - Database Management Company

David Morgan Education

David Morgan Education develops educational products and tools to help children to learn to read and spell. Lambert Labs built them a highly-available database solution using PostgresSQL in a Kubernetes cluster before later migrating it to CloudSQL on GCP.

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Bongo's Bingo - Database Management Company

Bongo’s Bingo

Bongo‚Äôs Bingo is an events company based in Liverpool. Lambert Labs improved their RDS PostgreSQL database setup in AWS to reliably handle ticket orders at peak traffic. They also added an RDS staging database as part of a testing overhaul for the platform.

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