Lambert Labs – a Python and Flask Development Company

Lambert Labs is a London-based Python and Flask development company. As part of our offering we provide Flask development services to build applications, APIs and websites for our clients. Our team of expert Pythonistas includes mathematicians and scientists who have converted to software engineering.

What is Flask?

Flask is a lightweight Python framework. It is setup to be quick and easy to get started with, but can also be extended and scaled to be used for large and complicated applications.

flask development services from a flask development company

Our Flask Development Services

At Lambert Labs we have a team of Python experts that use Flask to build websites and custom applications for clients ranging from startups through to multinational companies.

Custom Software Development with Flask

We can build you custom applications or microservices using Flask. Flask is quick to get started with but inherently scalable and secure, so is the right framework for the job in a wide variety of scenarios.

Web Development with Flask

We have a lot of experience building websites using Flask, so if you would like a new custom website then please do get in touch.

API Development with Flask

Flask is often the framework of choice when it comes to building and maintaining APIs. There are a number of useful open source third party packages available to aid development, including Flask-RESTful, Flask-Marshmallow and flask-swagger.

Maintenance of Flask Applications

One service that we offer is to take over existing Flask applications or websites and maintain them, performing bug fixes and adding new features as and when required. When we first take over an existing Flask application or website we do carry out a number of checks and upgrades to ensure that the codebase is in good condition:

  • Making sure all 3rd party packages are up to date where required.
  • Ensuring that programming language versions are up to date where required.
  • Scanning 3rd party packages, files and Docker images to check for security vulnerabilities.
  • Ensuring continuous integration and continuous deployment is used wherever appropriate.

Hosting of Flask Applications and Flask Websites

We host a variety of Flask applications across AWS, GCP and Azure. Our services include uptime checks, monitoring/alerting and logging.

Our Software Development Standards

At Lambert Labs we are extremely rigorous when it comes to software development. We strictly adhere to and make heavy use of industry-standard best practices, include code linting, code formatting, unit testing, integration testing, code review and continuous integration/deployment.

Case Studies

We have used Flask in projects for clients across a range of different industries:

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