Who are Step Function?

Step Function provide training in Data Science, Data Analysis and Python to individuals and corporates. Courses range from 1-day introductions for beginners to 4-week intensive programmes. The courses are either delivered as evening classes and weekend courses (for people already in full time jobs), or as more intensive courses for companies wanting to train their staff.

Why Lambert Labs?

Step Function chose to partner with Lambert Labs because of our deep knowledge of Python and our considerable experience with delivering teaching/training in both formal and informal environments.

What we did

Lambert Labs delivered Introduction to Python courses to both individuals (evening classes) and corporates (including apprentices on an apprenticeship scheme run by The Challenge). Topics covered included:

  • Data types: ints, floats, Booleans and more.
  • Data structures: strings, lists, dictionaries, tuple, sets and more.
  • Control flow: conditional statements and loops.
  • Built-in and user-defined functions.
  • Classes and object-oriented programming.
  • Exception handling.
  • Using Python to make HTTP requests.
  • Using Python to interact with APIs.