What is Amazon CloudFormation

Amazon CloudFormation is a tool that allows us to speed up provisioning resources by implementing infrastructure-as-code. This means that all the steps required to spin up new servers are recorded and reviewed, and that deployments can be done automatically. Here at Lambert Labs we deliver expert Amazon CloudFormation consultancy services to ensure that your deployments happen quickly, reliably and are easily repeatable.

Our Consultancy Services

When devising a cloud architecture for your business needs, we will use Amazon CloudFormation to ensure we can quickly and reliably automate new deployments. There are many benefits to this approach. Using an infrastructure-as-code solution such as CloudFormation means that deployments will be much more reliable, reducing the chance for human error. It is also a much more scalable solution as well, as we can easily update the template to spin up new resources in the cloud, or have the available resources dynamically scale to the workload. Using Amazon CloudFormation means that we can produce code with automated deployments and delivery, meaning that key features reach your customers faster. With Lambert Labs’ expert-level Amazon CloudFormation consultancy services you can be sure your deploymentswill fast and dependable.

Our work as Amazon CloudFormation Consultants

Caribou Data

Caribou Data provides insights into how consumers in emerging markets interact with digital products and services on a day-to-day basis. Lambert Labs built three separate Django applications for them, which were continuously deployed by using a Amazon CloudFormation in a CircleCI pipeline.

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Scirius Analytics

Sciurus Analytics is an established pensions and actuarial software provider. Lambert Labs used Amazon CloudFormation in conjunction with other tools to deploy a React application with a Flask-MongoDB backend.

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Lambert Labs are AWS Select Consulting Partners

Lambert Labs are an AWS Partner Network Select Consulting Partner. We have been using Amazon Web Services for over 4 years and manage more than 15 AWS accounts for clients across a broad range of industries.

To become AWS Select Consulting Partners we have had to demonstrate our expertise with AWS, including showing a track-record of deploying and delivering cloud-based solution. It also means that members of our team are officially certified with AWS, and know the best architecture patterns and practices for building cloud applications.

As part of the AWS partner network, we are ideally placed to provide expert Amazon CloudFormation consultancy.

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