Lambert Labs has obtained the Amazon RDS Service Delivery designation after delivering a wide range of solutions to AWS customers using Amazon RDS. The designation highlights our deep technical knowledge, experience and proven success in delivering solutions using Amazon RDS to AWS customers. The validation is the second Service Delivery designation we have obtained – we qualified for the AWS CloudFormation designation in 2022.

The two case studies that we used as part of our validation were the containerisation of Creative Culture’s AWS infrastructure (including moving a MySQL database to RDS) and the migration of the Worshipful Company of World Traders’ membership portal to AWS (including moving a PostgreSQL database to RDS).

Summaries of the two case studies can be seen on our AWS Partner Solutions Finder Profile, which also displays our new Amazon RDS Delivery practice.

As an Amazon RDS Service Delivery Partner Lambert Labs will works closely with the Amazon RDS team, helping customers with Amazon RDS workloads wherever appropriate.

You can read more about our Amazon RDS offering here.