Django Development at Lambert Labs

Lambert Labs is a Django and Python web development company based in London, UK. One of our favourite tools for web development in Python is Django. We provide Django development services to create websites, APIs and applications for our clients across the UK and globally.

What is Django?

Django is an open source Python web application framework that facilitates fast and simple development. We can build websites, APIs and applications through simple architecture and repeatable patterns. It allows our developers to focus on building new products without having to start from scratch with each app they build. It is fast, secure and scalable.

django development services

Django benefits from Django Packages, a rich ecosystem of well-maintained open source packages. These can be used to make Django applications more powerful. When providing Django development services, Lambert Labs makes full use of Django Packages to allow us to build high-quality Django applications for our clients at speed.

Our Django Development Services

Here at Lambert Labs we have in-house Django experts that build scalable, secure and reliable we applications using Django.

We have successfully built Django solutions for clients with as diverse needs as:

  • proof of concept MVPs.
  • complex and wide-scoped web applications.
  • maintenance of existing legacy Django applications.
  • and much more!

Our team has the skills and know-how required to meet your Python development needs.

Want to Learn Django?

Interested in learning Django for yourself? Our very own Rafiq Hilali has authored an Intermediate Django Course on Open Classrooms, so now you too can learn how to build web applications with Python and Django.

The Django Software Foundation

The Django Software Foundation is an organisation set up to support Django development.

As a Python web development company and a provider of Django services, the upkeep and maintenance of Django is important to us. That’s why we donate to the Django Software Foundation each year.

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