Who are Reio?

Reio provides teams and organisations with tools to help streamline their Human Resources processes and systems. Their mission is to allow companies to run more effectively by reducing the amount of time spent on tasks such as calculating payrolls or managing holiday bookings.

Why Lambert Labs?

Reio were in the process of moving to a React frontend for their main web app, and were looking for someone to assist in adapting the Django backend for this purpose. Being experienced developers in Django and Python, Lambert Labs were well suited to this task. In addition, code cleanliness and maintainability is a key priority of Lambert Labs, so Reio could rest assured that they can build on our work in the future.

What we did

  • Integrated parts of the Django backend with React and Redux on the frontend, using the Django REST Framework.
  • Identified, diagnosed and fixed various bugs related to the existing React/Django integration.
  • Helped upgrade the existing payment processor to Stripe by building out base methods in Django.
  • Provided directions on future Stripe development.