Lambert Labs has signed an agreement with Ingram Micro, a global distributor of technology products and services, which enables us to resell AWS and Azure services to our customers.

As part of our offering our customers can switch their AWS or Azure billing to go via Lambert Labs and receive a discount in return. Benefits include:

  • Quick setup: it takes less than five minutes to get set up. Simply send us your account ID and we will send you an invitation. If you accept the invite your billing will be handled by us from that point onwards. Moving back to direct billing is just as simple!
  • Start saving immediately: switch your billing to go via Lambert Labs and receive a percentage discount off your monthly bill on an ongoing basis.
  • Cost optimisation suite: you will get free access to Cloudcheckr, which, amongst other things, provides an extensive cost optimisation suite.
  • Maintain account ownership and security: you keep exactly the same ownership of your account and access to your account. The only difference is that your monthly invoice will be sent via Lambert Labs.

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