Welcome to another Learning at Lambert Labs session. Every week, we release videos, presented by our developers, giving quick lectures on a chosen topic in technology.

This week’s presenter is Aaron Elijah and his session is an introduction to the Linux File System and how knowing your way round can make you a better developer. See the video below.

All demonstrations were done in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

In Today’s Learning Session:

  • Motivation for study (use in Docker, learn more about hardware-software integration, applies to MacOS).
  • Posix-compliant vs. ‘Unix-like’.
  • Showcase diagram of a typical Linux File System.
  • /boot partition and typical booting process
  • /bin directory and symlinks
  • /dev directory and demonstration with USB device
  • /etc directory and comparison of /etc/ssh vs ~/.ssh
  • /var directory and use in Docker for finding log files
  • /usr directory, its origin and why many there are many symlinks from /bin and /lib
  • /opt directory for manually installed, self-contained software from vendors
  • Where to find more information.
  • Quick Q&A from our developers

📖 Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/12xKKnwirNkEzcMRhRkRUruEMeSt9OpYiYYgknZBAAU0/edit?usp=sharing

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Our engagement aims to be conversational and developers are encouraged to ask questions to expand on the ideas that they heard. Each presenter has the freedom to choose whatever topic they wish, as long as it is within a genre of technology or computer science. We are a Python development agency at heart, but that doesn’t stop us showing off our strong computer literacy and broad technical knowledge!