Welcome to the first Learning at Lambert Labs session. Every week, we release videos, presented by our developers, giving quick lectures on a chosen topic in technology. Our engagement aims to be conversational and developers are encouraged to ask questions to expand on the ideas that they heard. Each presenter has the freedom to choose whatever topic they wish, as long as it is within a genre of technology or computer science. We are a Python development agency at heart, but that doesn’t stop us showing off our strong computer literacy and broad technical knowledge!

In this week’s video, Tom Kobialka, one of our senior developers, takes us through the basics of circuit design and how a Karnaugh map (or K-Map) can be used to simplify the combinatorial logic of a seven-segment display.

In Today’s Learning Session:

  • Introduction to Circuit design
  • Seven-segment displays
  • Combinatorial logic
  • K-Map simplification
  • Q&A from our developers

🤖 Circuit Design: https://simulator.io/board/B4EMPsoRWh/2

📖 Slides: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XeQ1UO9cxSSCsGaoJbfTI6CgrqH4n9SO/view?usp=sharing

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