Welcome to another Learning at Lambert Labs session. Each week we release videos, presented by our developers, giving quick lectures on a chosen topic in technology.

This week’s presenter is Guy King and his presentation takes us through a simple demo of how to use a Docker container as your Python virtual environment in your project.

In Today’s Learning Session:

  • What’s wrong with existing Python virtual environment setups?
  • Pros of using Docker.
  • Cons of using Docker.
  • Example repo with Docker virtual environment.
  • Customisation and hot loading.
  • Add a user inside running Docker container.
  • Q&A from our developers.

📖 Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Ywj9Tt1OrCFwUsAV0Nz8covzWHb-uoVTcgIlYex-qcM/edit?usp=sharing

To learn more about our development practices using Python and Docker, have a look at out Python page.

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Our engagement aims to be conversational and developers are encouraged to ask questions to expand on the ideas that they heard. Each presenter has the freedom to choose whatever topic they wish, as long as it is within a genre of technology or computer science. We are a Python development agency at heart, but that doesn’t stop us showing off our strong computer literacy and broad technical knowledge!